Potencia tu bienestar: armonía ayurvédica con ISHAVIDA

Welcome to ISHAVIDA – Where Well-Being Begins with Nature. At ISHAVIDA, we are dedicated to the art of well-being through nature. Our mission is simple yet profound: to enhance, create, and sustain health & vitality using natural methods. We believe that the path to a healthier, more fulfilling life starts with embracing the natural world.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of nature in unlocking your full potential for wellbeing and vitality. Get started with free resources, such as the online lifestyle gazette and the back to nature podcast, which you will find on this website.


Your lifestyle matters. In the Lifestyle section, online on this website, you’ll discover valuable tips and tricks for transforming your lifestyle into a more natural one. Explore a treasure trove of recipes, informative knowledge blogs, and helpful how-to videos. Every week, we bring you fresh information and tips, so make sure to return regularly for more insights into your natural lifestyle and self-care techniques.

Vegan Rose Gelees (gluten free)

These can be used as a medicinal and balancing sweet....

Benefits of olive leaf tea

Dive into the world of heart health, blood sugar regulation,...

What to expect from an Ayurvedic WELLNESS AND CHECK-UP?

Discover the holistic approach to health through this insightful Ayurvedic...

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Join us and to live your best life with the power of nature

Shop natural - explore great natural lifestyle products

Here you will find things you need for your natural lifestyle, exquisite herbs grown on our farm or consciously sourced products, selected for their naturalness. Each product in my collection is a testament to the natural synergy between plants and humans, offering pure and potent nutrition for holistic health.

Tea blend

Single herb

Herbal formulations

Corporate Wellbeing

Through dynamic employee lifestyle training and innovative office biophilia initiatives, we empower your team to thrive both professionally and personally. Experience a healthier, happier workforce and unlock the full potential of your organization with our tailored wellness programs.


Biophilic design, an integral part of our ethos, celebrates the innate connection between humans and nature. It’s a design philosophy that weaves natural elements and organic shapes into human environments, creating spaces that resonate with vitality and tranquility...


Thrive in all aspects of life with our holistic well-being courses, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Discover how to create optimal conditions for vitality and well-being while preventing diseases. Supported by science, our programs offer practical self-care practices and deep insights into individual health needs. Empower yourself and your team to enhance vitality, maintain health, and excel in every endeavor... to excel your potential.

Ayurveda Services

Experience the transformative power of natural well-being. It’s your journey to natural health and vitality, guided by our ayurveda consultation, coaching, and coaching programmes. Follow what satisfied clients say and read the case studies of successful transformations though lifestyle change with the power of nature.


Join my exclusive membership programme

Unlock the full potential of your journey to a more natural lifestyle by joining my “Bring Nature Back” membership program. When you sign up, you gain access to a wealth of exclusive resources, nature guidance, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the same path.

Click here to embark on this transformative adventure with us, where you’ll find the tools and inspiration needed – take the first step by clicking here to join our thriving community today!


Online and in-person events

Join us for transformative workshops, insightful webinars, and interactive sessions led by experts in holistic living. Discover a space, both online and in-person, to connect, learn, and grow on your journey to well-being. In the beautiful Malaga area of Spain, we provide ecological food, natural Ayurveda services, and holistic well-being experiences.

Ayurvedic Case Studies

Discover ayurveda’s transformative power through our enriching podcasts and courses. Elevate your well-being with ancient wisdom and practical tools. Start your journey to a healthier, balanced life today.

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Trapped nerve

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